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Jan 7, 2010 7:47pm EST
for your home or bususess - the next generation of brink's home security. call now. >>> washington wizards all star gilbert arenas on the sidelines tonight. nba suspended him indefinitely, without pay for brandishing a gun in the team's locker room. arenas admitted he had the gun saying he was simply playing a joke on a teammate. he has since apologized for actions. he could be in more trouble than just the suspension. local and federal law enforcement are investigating the incident. professional athletes consider themselves potential targets and carry weapons to protect themselves but sometimes carrying a weapon can end up causing trouble for athletes. in 2008 pro football player plaxico burris accidentally shot himself in the leg with a gun he was carrying at a nightclub. now sending a two-year sentence after pleading guilty to weapons charges. >> with more on athletes and guns, roger kosik, espn legal analyst. and mike wise, sports columnist for "washington post." glad you could make it. roger, let's start with you. what happened to the days of the harlem globe trotters? so clean cut, n
Jan 7, 2010 7:00pm EST
decision was being made back in washington by the nctc as to whether or not this suspect really was a terrorist. he was decided to be a potential terrorist, but not a terrorist. so i guess the bottom line here is, number one, we're getting information that we did not have before, and it really does c contradict information we were getting from the state department. and apparently the state department never really did follow up on this issue of the visa until it was very, very late, and that looks like they really dropped the ball on that, john. >> as the president said today, a lot of balls were dropped in this whole case. jill for us in washington. jill, thanks. we're just now getting a look at the surveillance video at the man who caused that massive security nightmare sunday at newark international airport. >> after the man walked the wrong way through a security passageway, officials had to shut down one terminal for hours and then rescreen thousands of passengers, and they never found the guy. susan joins us now live with more. i saw you, actually, in the newsroom. everybod
Jan 11, 2010 7:00pm EST
that publicly, and more importantly in talking to democrats in the senate, and around washington, it looks like he's okay. he does have a very deep reservoir of support, jessica, among democratic senators. he's certainly not an orator. everybody in his world will tell you that, but he is leader in the senate, the democratic leader because he is a very good back room dealer and he does have a lot of loyalty in the democratic caucus. >> dana, thanks so much. >>> and president obama has accepted reid's apology, and to no one's surprise, says he wants to close the book on this. the president made that clear today in an interview with cnn political analyst, roland martin. >> harry reid is a friend of mine. he has been a stallworth champion of voting rights, civil rights. he's spending a lot of his political capital in the middle of an election to provide health care to every american. and that's going to have a great impact on african-americans and latinos around the country. this is a good man who has always been on the right side of history. for him to have used some inartful language in trying to
Dec 31, 2009 7:00pm EST
back to washington from this hawaiian vacation. a big meeting in the white house situation room on tuesday. sort of call some of these officials on the carpet but also, more importantly, try to find ways to learn from these mistakes and fix it so that the american people are more safe. along those lines, we've learned today as well the department of homeland security has dispatched top aides to various airports around the world. they're going to be touring asia, europe, south america, africa, and try to come up with some better international cooperation with some of these airports to make sure that on these u.s.-bound flights they've got the same kind of screening procedures, same kind of tight security that's supposed to go on that clearly was not happening from amsterdam to detroit, kyra. >> i realize what we were talking about had a serious aspect to it but i have to make the turn here to your background and what i'm seeing behind you. it's like you're starring in beach blanket babylon. you have new friends i see picking up surfing there in honolulu. >> clearly. well, it's go
Jan 5, 2010 7:00pm EST
president obama has been in the white house, he's promised to change the way washington works, that it hasn't come to fruition, because as you said, he did promise in the campaign trail that things would be open, and cspan cameras would be in meetings like this. >> on that question, speaker pelosi was asked about the president's promise. she had an interesting response, didn't she? >> i think odd is probably the best way to phrase it. i was standing right next to her and somebody did ask, well, what about the president's campaign promise to open negotiations like this in cspan? and she said, quote, well, there were a number of things he swore on the campaign trail. it was unclear what she meant. it sounded like a little bit of a jab at the president, but if it was a jab at the president, there are a lot of liberals who are probably applauding her right now, because there are a lot of members of the president's base when it comes to health care and other issues that think he is not standing up for them. >> thanks, dana bash on capitol hill. >> thank you. >>> we'll have more on the debate and
Jan 1, 2010 7:00pm EST
in chilly washington. and frankly, he may find it chilly in more ways than one. as the president prepares to enter his second year in office, ed henry takes a look at year one, and whether the president tried to do too much, too soon. >> reporter: as the president rests up for his second year in office, one of his closest allies here in hawaii is expressing concern about the pace of year one. >> i think he's done exceedingly well, although as one who has been there for 50 years now, he is pushing himself too hard. >> reporter: the charge he has too much on his plate usually comes from republicans. this time it's democrat daniel inouye, who speaks with authority after serving in the senate with ten presidents now. >> five months ago we're at some very informal gathering, and the president looked at me, he says, well, dan, how am i doing? and i had to tell him, mr. president, the campaign is over. i've yet to find any presidential candidate who carries out every political promise. >> reporter: in some ways, the first year has resembled a campaign. the president barnstorming the country to s
Jan 8, 2010 7:00pm EST
many people, soledad, who have a need now. >> it is so true. lisa sylvester in washington, d.c., thanks, lisa. >>> california governor arnold schwarzenegger today revealed his plan to close another $20 billion budget shortfall in the struggling golden state. why should the rest of the country care? here's why. he wants the nation's taxpayers to pick up a third of the tab. casey wian reporting from los angeles tonight. >> reporter: california governor arnold schwarzenegger is running out of state programs to slash with his budget cutting knife, so he wants $7 billion in help from federal taxpayers to close california's $20 billion deficit over the next 18 months. >> federal funds must be part of our budget solution because the federal government is part of our budget problem. >> reporter: the governor says california only receives 78 cents for every $1 it sends in taxes to washington. he also blames federal mandates, including a takeover of the state's prison health care system, and federal failures, such as illegal immigration, for increasing costs to california taxpayers. schwarzenegge
Jan 6, 2010 7:00pm EST
-year-old white supremacist accused of guns down a guard in washington has died. he died in federal cust zi at a prison hospital in north carolina. he was awaiting trial for the shooting in june. he was wounded in the gun fight and died. he posted rants on a website he called the holy western empire. >>> he played a lame duck. now california governor arnold schwarzenegger was swept into office on the promise of fiscal reform. the governor's last state of the state address was upbeat, despite the state's cal lamties. >> reporter: with a legislature in grid lock, he managed to sound apartment mystic. >> we have a long way to go. the worst is over for california's economy. >> reporter: his first priority for his last year in office -- >> jobs, jobs, jobs. >> reporter: california has lost 1 million of those just since mid-2007. swartz negativer is asking the legislature to approve job training to create 100,000 jobs and help californiaans stay employed. he helped to protect education naunds have been cut. >> 30 years ago, 10% of the fund went to higher education and 3% went to prisons. today
Dec 31, 2009 7:33pm EST
of the highlights of here had to be the inauguration, an opportunity to be right there in washington. >> literally right there. >> literally right there. >> you could have reached out. >> agree with politics or not, whether democrat or republican, it was an extraordinary moment in american history. we had that perch in the press riser about 100 feet away from the platform where the president was being inaugurated. you saw the hundreds of thousands of people, man many a million to witness this. you were in the crowd, further bag, in the freezing cold as well. >> you had the best spot. >> it was cole, too. >> one of the special guests colin powell, i had an opportunity to speak with him after the inauguration. many people thought that colin powell might be the first african-american president, had he had chosen to run in 199. he chose not to. i asked him, and i got a more complete answer from him than we've ever heard before, of why he didn't run. let's listen. now that we have elected our first president who is african-american, can you tell us, i think for the first time, why you didn't run? what
Jan 12, 2010 7:00pm EST
joins us from washington. mr. ambassador, thank you for being with us. we're so sorry for what's happening in your country. tell us what you can about what's going on there and the people you've spoken with so far. >> well, thank you for giving me this opportunity to tell the world that my country is facing a major catastrophe. i have spoken first to the secretary general of the presidency, mr. fritz longchau. it was a miracle i was able to get through to him as he was driving in the streets of pa port-au-prince going to pichon to the east. buildings began to collapse around him, and he had to leave his car, park it and take to the streets. at that point, i was able to get him on his cell. he said, mr. ambassador, tell the world it is a catastrophe of major proportion. and he said, now i don't know what's awaiting me, because i'm going home, but i have to cross a bridge before i get home and i don't know what to expect over there. i asked him whether he had spoken to the president. no, he hadn't been able to reach anyone. however, before i got here, the consul general of haiti
Jan 4, 2010 7:00pm EST
high. jessica? >> thank you, jill. >>> president obama today back in washington after his vacation in hawaii and getting right back to work. the president met with security officials for updates on the botched christmas day terror plot and on al qaeda's expanding operations in yemen. many have questioned the administration's reaction to the intelligence breakdown. dan lothian is at the white house. i'm sure the white house is trying to keep a tight lid on this. what are you hearing? what's the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: we're not getting any details on where the investigation stands but obviously the president is trying to get to the bottom of this situation to find out exactly how the system failed. as you know, the president did order this top to bottom review while he was on vacation in hawaii and now he came back today. he got a report on the early review from the cia, the internal review. no details of what's in that review obviously. the president meeting with top counterterrorism adviser here at the white house. that meeting lasting for more than an hour and a
Jan 15, 2010 7:00pm EST
here in washington, we visited the epicenter of the united states' massive relief operation, experts who specialize in dealing with disaster and who have to answer that question. this is the home of the response management team of usaid that is set up every single time that there is a disaster. and they work 24 hours a day on shifts, and the people here, for example, there are your food experts. they're getting the food into the country as soon as possible. we have health experts. we have information experts. we have all the different sectoral experts that we need in order to resolve problems and get the commodities in as well as the search and rescue teams in. >> what is he doing? >> he's trying to find out where the search and rescue teams are now. how do we get the search and rescue teams to the most vital areas within port-au-prince. he's a pivotal person right now because as we know, the first 72 hours are absolutely pivotal to get those teams in. we're at about hour 60 right now. the clock is running. what you see here is a battle running, how do we save lives as quickly as pos
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12